Can I File a Lawsuit for Theft?

Has someone wrongfully stolen or taken property from you or from your business? Then you may be able to find some relief by means of a civil theft lawsuit. Civil lawsuits differ from criminal charges in a few important ways, which is crucial to understand if you are considering filing a lawsuit. Criminal theft is a general term used to describe crimes that involve taking someone’s property without the owner’s consent and with the intention of depriving them of that property. Criminal theft includes a wide-range of crimes, including larceny, petty theft, grand theft, or others. It encompasses a range of acts including shoplifting, stealing a car, pickpocketing, and beyond. Criminal theft crimes are prosecuted by the state, and when a person is found guilty they may serve prison time, have to pay fines, or have to do community service as punishment. Civil theft is a lawsuit filed by a plaintiff (the victim, in this case, or the one bringing forth charges) in a civil…

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