Call to Action! House Bill 1212 – Continuation of Community Association Manager Licensing Program

As you probably know by now, the Community Association Manager Licensure Program (“CAM Licensure Program”) in Colorado is currently scheduled to end on the last day of June.  To ensure that the licensure of Community Association Managers continues, House Bill 19-1212 (“HB 1212”) was introduced in the House of Representatives by Representative Brianna Titone and Representative Monica Duran to improve the CAM Licensure Program and extend it through August of 2024.   HB 1212 cleared the House Committee on Transportation & Local Government with amendments and is currently scheduled to be heard on Wednesday, April 17th by the House Finance Committee.  Since the fiscal note on the bill is rather insignificant, HB 1212 should normally sail through the Finance Committee with no issues.  However, some folks have been lobbying members of the Committee to water down this important licensure program by asking this Committee to amend HB 1212…

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