California Divorce Assistance Requested From Churches

I almost passed over an Internet news story about people requesting help to prevent divorce. Something caught my eye just as I was turning away from the headline. The story was that people were asking churches in California to help prevent divorce. I opened up the story and read it and was impressed with the fact that people are seeking help in keeping their marriages and family together. I compared this story with my recent observations that many Californians are in the family court without seeking out solutions to their family law problem. As a San Diego Certified Family Law Specialist attorney for over thirty years I've seen that marriages and relationships in general, are increasingly disposable. It almost appears that some people are trying out marriage and family as you would take a new car home from the dealership to drive it for a day in order to determine whether you wanted to buy the car. Or, the buyer who returns the item the next day with "buyer's remorse". Increasingly, at my Family Law office in La Jolla, California, we are receiving calls from a spouse who wants to end his or her one year marriage. Most of these calls involve a child or children that were born during this "marriage". I researched on the Internet to see whether churches in San Diego were offering marriage classes (in response of this articles' report that churches are being asked to make marriages more stable). I found that there are many, many resources out there and more on that below.

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