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Stuck on another business law case study!!?!??!?!?Yep it’s me again! Please help me out on this one! John, a 17 year old student who looks much older ,orders $1500.00 worth of food for an end-of-VCE party. The food is duly delivered and consumed and John refuses to pay. What are the legal rights of the food supplier? I.What is the main diference between concealment and nondisclosure in business law? Knowledge of an event , communication, property, or intelligence that is concealed, with intent to conceal, from scrutiny or investigation, by any lawfull body or court. Nondisclosure is the knowingly withholding of information, intelligence , property, with the knowledge that the information, intelligence, property, is required.Question about business law, i got ripped off by a lawyer?my fiance’ and i run a computer tech. business, he went on a call, did the work, and the client (a lawyer) is ripping us off, she claimed that a loose wire caused her to have to call a different tech after we preformed the job, and has.Wrongful termination and withholding of funds. Do I have a case?The details are too long to post here, but if anyone reading has any knowledge of business law (preferably a lawyer), please email me and I will give you full details. Short summary: I was fired for not being willing to work on myday off (I am an.A question about a case study for business law.What does the law state reguarding this particular matter?Case study 1 Helen, age 17, wanted to buy a motorcycle. She did not have the money to pay cash but persuaded the dealer to sell a cycle to her on credit. The dealer did so partly because Helen said that she.Is there a business law that prohibits intentional racism?Macy’s denigration of whites just fuels the fire.,2933, law Consider the business that started this. Macy’s the ridiculous store that came to Chicago bought a profitable store – Marshall Fields – a pillar of the city, decides to sell only New York products because ‘everyone likes New.Legal liability?My business law professor used to say, ‘Neither officer, director, nor major shareholder shall I be.’ I recall officers, board of directors and major shareholders can be held personally liable for their actions in a corporation. Any truth to that? Well, if your Law Professor said it, there’s a good chance it’s true. – No, that’s not.I have a question about business law class?There exists – in the field of contract law – both contract and non-contract theories of recovery. Depending upon the particular fact situation, a party might file a lawsuit for breach of an express contract in fact or an implied contract in fact. These are both contract theories! A party might.Please read and see if you can help me along.this is for a business law class.?Using the Internet, locate and print out a company’s order form for one of its products. (1) Identify the web site where you located the order form. (2) Does the order form include a representation regarding the age or capacity of the person.I need a good topic for a paper (6 Pages) about any aspect of business law. Any good ideas??Any interesting ideas are appriciated. I will give the 10 points to the person who gives me a topic that I can use. Any websites with information will be helpful too. Thanks What about the whole issue with music piracy,.BUSINESS LAW anyone any good with business law??Ruth carelessly parks her car on a steep hill, leaving the car in neutral and failing to engage the parking brake. The car rolls down the hill and knocks down an electric line. The sparks from the broken line ignite a grass fire. The fire spreads until it reaches a barn.Business law need a good topic for my business law essay. I can’t think of anything. I was going to do Walmarts discrimination against women in the workplace, but one, its not a very interesting topic and all the information I’ve found is the same. Any ideas for me? how about walmarts suit with the pharmacists, it.How can one breach acontract?This question is from business law as one my course unit and it was acourse work given to me tofind answers. My email address is Fail to fulfill the terms as contrated for. – By refusing or failing to carry out your obligations under that contract eg by failing to deliver goods (if.I have a question about contract law.?if i remember my business law class correctly if there is a contract between two parties and there are say 10 things in the contract that one party needs to abide by and they don’t abide by even 1 item in the contract. is this contract void? i thought a contract had. More law questions please visit :

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