Burglary and Theft in South Carolina

Burglary is a crime that involves breaking and entering into a structure to commit a crime. It’s required that you had an intent to commit a crime, but there is no requirement that you actually carried the crime. Theft, on the other hand, involves stealing property or services. This can also be referred to as larceny. Types of Burglary There are three main types of burglary charges in South Carolina. The most serious is a first degree burglary, which occurs when a dwelling is unlawfully entered under the following circumstances: If you had a deadly weapon during the burglary. If you caused physical injury to a victim during the burglary. You used or threatened to use a dangerous instrument. You displayed a dangerous weapon. First degree burglary also occurs when you have two prior burglary convictions or if the offense occurs during the nighttime. The maximum punishment for first degree burglary is life imprisonment. Second degree burglary occurs when any of the items…

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