Bullying, A Big Problem

With school back in swing, it's hard to imagine that there won't be at least one child afraid to attend class. Most likely, the fear comes from bullying events in the child's life. We've discussed bullying before. In fact, our firm represents a student who faced tragic incidents of bullying from attendance at the Oklahoma City Public Schools. This post from The Safety Report, highlights the kind of epidemic bullying is becoming. Here are some simple ways to tell if your child is being the bully: Your child is impulsive, "hot-headed", or domineering; Your child is easily frustrated; Your child seems to lack empathy; Your child has difficulty following rules; Your child views violence in a positive way; Your child switches computer screens, television shows when you or others are nearby; Your child comes home with money or other "gifts" from school; Your child laughs excessively when using the computer or talks on the phone; Your child uses multiple online accounts, or spends an excessive amount of time on the phone or computer; Your child lashes out or get upset when you restrict his/her computer or phone time. If you're concerned that your child may be the victim of bullying, watch for these signs: Avoids school or other school-related activities; Repeatedly loses money or possessions; Noticable loss of self-esteem; Appears depressed or withdrawn; Appears anxious or has a loss of appetite; Has difficulty sleeping; Begins having trouble in school or academics; Unexplained bruises or other injuries. Bullying is a significant issue in our schools. If you're concerned that your child is being bullied, address the issue with your child's teachers, principal, and school board. Schools have a duty to protected their students from violence and provide safe environments for the children entrusted to their care. If you want to discuss your child's bullying or harassment, contact our law firm today. You can email or call us at (405) 748-0318. All discussions are confidential, and any fees will be paid from your successful settlement. Photo: Chesi – Fotos CC; Flickr Bullying, A Big Problem is a post from Absolute Legal Services, LLC. We are a law firm located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that handles personal injury matters, consumer disputes, business issues, social security problems, and immigration concerns. Please visit our homepage to learn more about our firm, and contact us for legal assistance. Don't forget to subscribe to this feed in your feed reader (we recommend Google Reader). Related Posts PRESS RELEASE – Parents Sue Oklahoma City Public Schools for Bullying and Abuse

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