Brown Family Law Dives Into Social Media Head First

Exposing readers to our family practice has been become pretty exciting around here lately. Over the last several months we've taken the plunge, head-first, into social media. "Studio B" has been constructed (literally). With two web sites, a blog, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and podcasts, I finally feel like we have the outlets necessary to serve a distinct group of information-seekers. If you want to read about our firm, you can visit our web site. If you want in-depth articles…well…you've found our blog. If you want to to take audio with you for the bus ride into work, download our podcast programs. If you're another family law professional, let's talk shop. Our goal is simply to provide current clients, potential clients, media sources and other family law professionals with timely, useful information on divorce and family law issues, and to interact in a meaningful way: Twitter: Our Twitter feed is designed to provide followers with timely links to family law articles of interest, our perspective on a key family issue and just tell you what we are up to. A microblog, we post several times per day. I'd enjoy connecting with you on twitter. Facebook: Our lawyers provide current and potential clients with links to practical advice from family practitioners from around the country and offer a discussion forum. Daily updates are provided, with opportunities for comment from visitors. YouTube: Through YouTube, we broadcast video summaries of the legal issues family law litigants face. Choose from dozens of relatively short, easy-to-understand segments hosted by our lawyers. Many consider a visit to our channel an "interactive consultation." We think you'll find it helpful. LinkedIn: LinkedIn serves as our firm rolodex. We've connected with family law professionals, including lawyers, accountants, mediators and psychologists, from throughout Minnesota. In addition, we post links to items of interest to the family law community, such as new cases, articles or tidbits. I'd enjoy getting to know you on LinkedIn. Podcasts: Finally, I'm hosting a podcast entitled "The Family Law Show." We provide a relaxed presentation of various family law issues that you can take with you. Our library of programs is growing, so we encourage you to check back often. As always, the simplest way to get to know us is through an e-mail or phone call. If you have a question, call (763) 323-6555 or write to me.

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