Brexit: trademarks and designs

In our last post, we confirmed that for EU trademarks which are registered at the withdrawal date (either 29 March 2019 (no-deal scenario) or 31 December 2020 (deal scenario), new UK national rights will be cloned onto the UK register, automatically, without charge and retaining all relevant dates. The UK IPO confirmed yesterday that each newly created cloned trademark (known as a “comparable mark”) will be distinguished from existing UK trademarks by the application of a prefix, UK009, to the last eight digits of the original EU trademark (EUTM). The UK IPO confirms that comparable marks “will be fully independent UK trademarks and can be challenged, assigned, licensed or renewed, separately from the original EUTM”. The following examples show how comparable UK trademarks will be numbered: Existing EU trademark           Comparable UK trademark…

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