Breaking Up is Hard to Do, So Send a Card

The breakup of a marriage is usually a long and torturous journey. Despite the miserable reality of marriage breakdown, there will always be those who seek to profit from another's tribulations. Many of you may include divorce lawyers in the profit-motivation category and there is no doubt that some of them should be included. But there are also scores of family lawyers whose first priority is getting their clients through the process as quickly and inexpensively as possible. It has been my practice to advise clients to do everything they can to resolve their issues directly with their spouse; to keep talking to them; and to make every concession they can to resolve their divorce cases. I also say "You can pay me or you can keep your money in the family. I would rather you keep your money in the family, than give it to me." All of this to introduce the latest corporate scheme to make money off divorce. Breakup cards and Divorce Announcement cards are now available for those spouses who desire to inject a little levity into their dilemma. A few examples of breakup cards: "Yesterday I realized the Dreams I thought we Shared together Were Mine Alone C-YA" " I Hate You I Thought You Should Know" "xoxoxoxoxox Ha. Right. I Want a Divorce." "I Gave You Took I'm Gone" "The Time Has Come to Say Goodbye Actually, It's Way Past Time" As far as divorce announcement cards, consider the following: "I am Pleased to Announce that I have Lost 200 Pounds." "I am Free Free Indeed Now Booking Dates" "This is to Inform You that We are Now Living Separate Lives" It all sounds like fun, but I don't know many divorcing spouses who are in the mood, either during or after their divorce, to engage in such cheeky banter. Lawdiva aka Georgialee Lang

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