Book Review: Handbook of Research on Counterfeiting and Illicit Trade

Chaudhry's Handbook of Research on Counterfeiting and Illicit Trade is a unique Handbook that provides multiple perspectives on the growth of illicit trade, particularly focusing on counterfeits and internet piracy. This book is kindly reviewed by Dr Karen Walsh who is a Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law (Education and Research) at the University of Exeter. -Counterfeiting and illicit trade are well-known issues when it comes to the protection of intellectual property rights. However, despite the prolonged prevalence of counterfeit goods and the number of mechanisms that have been introduced to battle this problem, the problem continues to grow and adapt. Peggy E. Chaudhry’s Handbook of Research on Counterfeiting and Illicit Trade provides an extensive examination of this topic. This edited collection discusses the various reasons for and means of counterfeiting and illicit trade and how these issues have been addressed thus far. It also…

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