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Boise DUI Lawyers, Idaho Criminal Attorneys, Boise Divorce Attorney, Idaho Family Law Lawyer, call (208) 472-2383 or visit, DUI, DWP Criminal Defense, Divorce, Custody, Family Law, Military Divorce, Military DUI. Being charged with a DUI is one thing, but being charged with a military DUI or being a civilian and being charged with a DUI on a military base is something entirely different. Just like military divorce and custody issues, military DUI issues have additional rules and laws and therefore a military DUI will have additional consequences and penalties. Boise DUI Lawyers who specialize in military cases are intricately familiar with the different types of cases involving the military and a DUI. The first type of military DUI is when a member of the United States Armed Services gets a DUI off a military base. In a non-military DUI, Boise DUI Lawyers are dealing with two different aspects of the driving under the influence case. First, there is an administrative aspect, where the Boise DUI Lawyer deals with the Idaho Department of Transportation. Here, you will receive an administrative suspension of your driver's license. The second aspect of the DUI is where you and your Boise DUI Attorney go to an Idaho Court and deal with Idaho Law. Here you face the court and the state's lawyer, the prosecuting attorney, and ultimately you are convicted, plea or found not guilty to a DUI. If you are a service member and you get a DUI, not only do you have to deal with this aspect of your driving under the influence charge, but you also have to deal with military rules and penalties. These are outlined in Article 111 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and the Manual for Court Martial. You are potentially on for a stiffer sentence, because in addition to state court penalties including fines, possible jail time, license suspension, alcohol evaluation, a functioning vehicle ignition interlock device and probation, you can receive additional penalties from the military court. These can include a rank reduction, pay reduction, loss of security clearance, additional fines, a reprimand or even a dishonorable discharge. There is no maximum penalty set by military law for a military DUI. There are additional penalties because the military has its own jurisdiction and just like military divorce and custody there are additional rules promulgated by the military. A second DUI issue involving the military that Boise DUI Lawyers see is when a civilian gets a DUI on a military base. You likely will be charged in Federal Court instead of Idaho Court, but depending upon where you were charged and if there is overlapping jurisdiction you may be charged by an Idaho State Court. You will receive a letter in the mail informing you what court your case will be brought in so it is very important that you keep your eyes open for this. If it is in Idaho Court, you will need a Boise DUI Lawyer. If it is in Federal Court you will need a Boise DUI Attorney who practices in Federal Court. Even if your case is brought in Federal Court, in general Idaho Law will apply because of a principle called assimilation which allows Idaho Law to be used. The penalties in general mirror state penalties but the Federal Prosecuting Attorneys have more ability to be flexible than State Prosecuting Attorneys and consequently it can actually be easier to avoid jail time and probationary periods. The military is a world of its own. It has its own jurisdiction as well as concurrent jurisdiction with individual states. Whether the issue is one of a criminal charge, a DUI or matters of divorce, custody or contract, to name a few, there are often special rules involving military cases. If you have a military issue and need to speak to a Boise DUI Lawyer or Criminal Attorney, or a Boise Divorce Attorney or Family Law or Custody Lawyer who deals with military DUI, military criminal defense, military divorce or military family law and custody issues, please call, (208) 472-2383. You can also visit one of our websites for more information. We can be found at, or On each of these sites there is a quick contact form. You can fill this out and one of our Boise Divorce Attorneys, Boise DUI Lawyers or Boise Criminal Lawyers will get right back to you. You can also visit the or or for more information on divorce, custody, family law, DUI, DWP and numerous crimes in Idaho.

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