Bicycle Accidents and Brain Injuries

Riding bicycles is one of America's pastimes; it is a way to exercise, a way to save gasoline and a hobby for some riders. Bicycle accidents and brain injuries are one of the consequences that the bicycle rider in Los Angeles faces. Riding a bicycle might be enjoyable, but it is also dangerous, even when adhering to all of the safety tips the rider should know and practice. There are obstacles that can be dangerous for the rider, such as vehicles on the road that do not always give the bicycle rider the same respect as other vehicles on the road. Gravel and other road debris can present a real danger for the rider and uneven pavement. Bicycle accidents and brain injuries are high on the list of statistics for injuries that bicycle riders sustain in an accident, even when wearing a helmet. The bicycle rider has no protection from the hard pavement other than the helmet and any protective clothing they are wearing. This means if they are involved in an accident when they fall from their bicycle and hit the pavement there is very little protection to avoid head and brain injuries. In Los Angeles the bicycle rider that has been injured or their family should consult with a bicycle injury attorney, even when the accident was caused by road debris, because there is an agency that is responsible to keep the roadways safe for every vehicle on the road. It is important for the injured rider to be able to heal and to know they held the responsible party accountable for their injuries. In the case of a rider that has suffered a brain injury it could change their life forever, it could mean surgeries, a permanent disability and it can mean needing nursing care daily. This is a change that in most bicycle accident cases is due to a negligent driver, uneven pavement or road debris. A brain injury is a serious condition and the bicycle rider could have been doing everything right and still been involved in an accident, through no fault of their own. This is why it is important to have the Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney to protect the rider's rights to compensation and to hold the negligent party responsible. Hiring a brain injury attorney is the first thing you should do when seriously injured in a bicycle accident. Contact the bicycle accident lawyers at Ehline Law Firm now: 6700 East Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 275, Long Beach, CA (562) 342-9092. Continue reading "Bicycle Accidents and Brain Injuries"

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