Bexar County Courthouse Is a Party Place

Your average county courthouse sees more genuine drama and pathos than any television show can ever capture. So, perhaps it is not surprising when one courthouse becomes the scene of partying French Moroccans. Five French citizens of Moroccan background were traveling across country in a rented RV. After a night of drinking at Coyote Ugly, a Riverwalk establishment, capped off by more drinks at the famous Esquire bar, two of them spied the Bexar County Courthouse. Apparently, not realizing it was a courthouse, they climbed up the fire escape and broke in. Coming across a closet in the San Antonio Bar Association offices, they found a couple of the over-sized, wide, straw sombreros used for skits. The donned the sombreros, played judge in some courtrooms and strolled the halls sipping more beer. See San Antonio Express News report. Litle did they know, that due to Post-9/11 funding the courthouse has alarms and security cameras thoughout. They were observed during most of their courthouse party. Within minutes the courthouse was surrounded and the two partiers were arrested. The three remaining travelers, asleep in their RV, were rousted out of bed and dragged to jail. Initially, they were suspected of being terrorists. Two were even reported initially to be on an FBI watch list. The FBI became involved as well as the Sheriff's office. After a few days in jail, authorities decided they were just errant partiers. But, the two partiers remain locked up accused of burglary and intent to commit criminal mischief. The three RV'ers worry about their friends in jail and are concerned because they have run out of money and must return home – if they hope to help their friends in jail. They express affection foe the USA, saying we have a lot of good people here. The French travelers speak French and Spanish and broken English. So, this time the courthouse sees more humor than drama. Two young Frenchmen learn some valuable lessons. May life always be this peaceful.

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