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Despite my fairly in-depth knowledge of communication, my wife occasionally states that my listening and communication skills are "less than perfect." In fact, I think more times than not, her statements are usually, "Your communication skills suck!" As you can imagine, this is usually a hefty blow to my regularly overly inflated ego. That's why I like this post on the Dumb Little Man blog (this is a post written by Celestine Chua) about becoming a better listener. If you'll recall, one of the "Habits" emphasized by self-help/management guru, Stephen R. Covey, is understanding. Covey teaches that the true method to understanding is through active listening. As the Chua points out, active listening involves 7 key concepts, that when performed correctly will enhance conversations and develop emotional connections. Photo: Shaw Library, Flickr Become a Better Listener is a post from Absolute Legal Services, LLC. We are a law firm located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, that handles personal injury matters, consumer disputes, business issues, social security problems, and immigration concerns. Please visit our homepage to learn more about our firm, and contact us for legal assistance. Don't forget to subscribe to this feed in your feed reader (we recommend Google Reader). Random Posts Consumer Credit Card Relief The "financials" say foolish, I say genius! Don't Fall for "The Buyoff"

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