Basic Concepts of the Business Law in Los Angeles

When deciding to engage in a business venture in the United States, Los Angeles is one of its states to be considered. It is one of it states where there is an abrupt raise on economic condition.

What is Business Law?

Business law commonly known as commercial law is a body of law that governs business and other commercial transactions.

Business law is divided into different subjects such as:


If you are interested in putting up a business, the following are the different business structures you have to consider.


Yet, when such separate personality doctrine is used by the corporation in fraud of its creditors, the shareholder can be held liable under the doctrine of piercing the veil of corporate entity. This means that the creditor can sue the shareholder if such separate personality doctrine is used to escape its liability from its creditors.


Why do you need a business lawyer?

If you are planning to engage in any of the different business structure mentioned you need the assistance of a competent and credible attorney.

Business lawyers are expert in different topics and help you in any issues regarding business transaction such as:


Common issues encountered in business?

Just like any transaction, business transaction is not exempted with any problems such as:


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