Bank of America Gets Major Fine for Whistleblower Firing

Bank of America was fined yet again, when it was found liable for the firing of an employee responsible for discovering fraud at Countrywide. The employee was fired in direct violation of whistleblower protection laws, said the U.S. Department of Labor. The employee will receive now $930,000 in damages and will also be reinstated. Countrywide was the biggest subprime loan provider in the U.S. which essentially means they were lending money to substantially unqualified homebuyers with the weakest credit. This fine should send a message to the Banks – one that lets them know loud and clear that they cannot break the rules, and if they do punishment will be swift. The Florida Foreclosure Defense attorneys have always been dedicated to keeping Banks honest. When faced with Florida Foreclosure Lawsuit contact a Jacksonville Foreclosure Lawyer or a Florida Foreclosure Defense Lawyer.

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