Back Injuries Are Common Among Cruise ship Workers

The stresses of a job on a cruise liner are not what cruise operators advertise when they're looking for workers. However, the fact is that work on a cruise line is physically strenuous. Crew members may find themselves on their feet for several hours a day. The constant walking up and down stairs, lifting, and carrying can contribute to back injuries. Further, crewmembers may be at risk of a back injury from slip and fall accidents. Certain crewmembers on a cruise ship may be at a higher risk of injuries. For instance, waiters may be expected to be on their feet for several hours a day as they keep passengers fed and pampered. Other crew members, who may be at a higher risk of a back injury, include dancers and entertainers who are also required to be on their feet and active for several hours in a row. Frequent rest breaks can help prevent back injuries, but rest may not be available to a crew member on a cruise vessel. Unfortunately, a crew member with a back injury may not be of much use to a cruise line operator. Cruise ship workers may fall under the definition of a Jones Act seaman. A Jones Act seaman is defined as a worker who is assigned to a vessel in navigation, and has a substantial relationship with the vessel. The Jones Act provides for benefits to be paid out to a seaman in case of injuries on the job. If you're a maritime worker with a back injury, you likely have questions about the impact of this injury on your career and your future employment. Consult with a maritime attorney at my office for a free initial evaluation of your case. You don't have to pay anything to speak with us. Image Courtesy: Flickr – prayitno

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