ATV Accidents on the Rise

ATV accidents occur at a high rate every year. The growing popularity of recreational vehicles has lead to a growing number of ATV related accidents in the U.S. A 2010 report by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission reveals startling statistics: 2009: 376 fatalities — 131,900 emergency room visits 2008: 616 fatalities — 135,100 emergency room visits 2007: 766 fatalities — 150,900 emergency room visits 2006: 833 fatalities — 146,600 emergency room visits 2005: 804 fatalities — 136,700 emergency room visits 2004: 751 fatalities — 136,100 emergency room visits 2003: 653 fatalities — 125,500 emergency room visits 2002: 548 fatalities — 113,900 emergency room visits 2001: 517 fatalities — 110,100 emergency room visits In Kentucky, 462 fatalities were reported from 1982 to 2009. Kentucky had the fourth highest ATV deaths between 2007 and 2009 with 85. The Commission expects these figures to grow as more death certificates are submitted and accidents are reported. These statistics speak for themselves — ATV's are dangerous.

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