Attorney Tracy Green Quoted in Los Angeles Times' Article Regarding USC Gynecologist Under Investigation. Green Is Concerned About Physicians Failing to Perform Proper Gynecological Physicals and Rectal Exams Due to Concern Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations.

Attorney Tracy Green was quoted in an article by the Los Angeles Times published on May 30, 2018 entitled "LAPD begins sweeping criminal probe of former USC gynegologist while urging patients to come forward. This is the type of case that is growing due to the media attention which means the need for due process and the need for a full and complete investigation is even more necessary when a media storm is occurring. I pesonally have seen a huge change in how physicians do physical examinations the past ten (10) years. While I will not comment on whether I believe there was any misconduct (unprofessional, malpractice or even criminal), I will say that due to cases like this, physicians are AFRAID of putting their hands on patients.I just had a women's well women exam and pap smear. The physician – Board Certified Internist and woman with a chaperone present with 10 years of experience and USC residency and medical school – did NOT insert her finger in me to…

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