Arrested Eminent Domain Protester Still Can Sue City For First Amendment Violations

This one is more for our muni law friends, but today's post also has two eminent domain angles.  Anyone who has been to a city council meeting knows at least one fellow like this, considered a pain-in-the-butt by officials. A gadfly, who testifies on seemingly every issue. This is Fane Lozman, eminent domain protester (among other things). Familiar to readers as the Houseboat Guy. Or, more accurately, the "Floating Home" Guy who took the City of Riviera Beach, Florida to the U.S. Supreme Court once before, on the arcane issue of whether his floating home was a houseboat subject to admiralty jurisdiction. The Court held it wasn't, and wasn't.  The houseboat affair wasn't the end of it for Mr. Lozman, who already was "an outspoken critic of the City's plan to use its eminent domain power to seize homes along the waterfront for private development," according to the latest (second) U.S. Supreme Court opinion in…

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