Are There Laws to Protect Pedestrians in Texas?

Drivers throughout the state of Texas will encounter many different situations that can put either themselves or others in danger. While large 18-wheelers pose an obvious physical danger to standard pedestrian cars, those same pedestrian cars can pose a great danger to bicyclists or pedestrians on the roadway. It’s for that reason that there are laws governing the interactions between these two users of the road, but there are many that don’t fully understand who has the right of way in different circumstances. This confusion can lead to accidents that are otherwise avoidable, which is why it is important that both drivers and pedestrians familiarize themselves with the laws meant to protect pedestrians in Texas. Pedestrian Crossing the Road The law grants pedestrians the right of way over vehicles when they are crossing the street at an intersection controlled by an electronic pedestrian crossing signal. If the pedestrian is facing a green traffic light or has a…

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