April Employee Celebrations

One of the best ways to avoid needless employment law disputes is to stay in touch with what your employees are thinking, feeling and doing. As part of our never-ending quest to keep you up-to-speed on the latest developments affecting your workplace, the following is our guide to some of the lesser-known celebrations your employees might be observing this month. CONTEST: Just to make sure you're paying attention, I included one made-up item. The rest are very real. The first person to post a comment identifying the bogus celebration will win a valuable prize. Weekly Celebrations Laugh at Work Week (1-7) International Pooper-Scooper Week (1-7) International Whistler's Week (7-10) National Karaoke Week (17-23) Sky Awareness Week (24-30) Administrative Professionals Week (24-30) National Dance Week (22-5/1) Daily Observances April Fools' Day (1) National Fun at Work Day (1) Pony Express Day (3) Tweed Day (3) World Rat Day (4) Teflon Day (6) No Housework Day (7) National Cherish An Antique Day (9) National Sibling Day (10) Barbershop Quartet Day (11) International "Louie Louie" Day (11) National Be Kind to Lawyers Day (12) International Moment of Laughter Day (14) Take a Wild Guess Day (15) That Sucks Day (15) Husband Appreciation Day (16) Auctioneers Day (16) Blah Blah Blah Day (17) National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day (18) Pet Owners Independence Day (18) National Hanging Out Day (19) Act Like You're In a Musical Day (20) National Chocolate-covered Cashews Day (21) National Jelly Bean Day (22) Talk Like Shakespeare Day (23) Bulldogs are Beautiful Day (23) Red Hat Society Day (25) Hug an AustralianDay (26) Administrative Professionals Day (27) Poem in Your Pocket Day (28) National Dance Day (29) National Hairball Awareness Day (29) Interstate Mullet Toss Days (29-5/1) Hairstylists Appreciation Day (30) National Honesty Day (30) What this means for employers. If your employees suddenly start wearing pajamas, being nice to lawyers, tossing mullets, spouting sonnets, hugging Australians, donning red hats, hanging out with auctioneers, guzzling jelly beans and cashews, appreciating antiques, the sky and hairballs, laughing uncontrollably or muttering "that sucks" or "blah blah blah" every time you try to assign them work, singing badly, dancing worse and/or bringing rats, ponies, spouses, siblings and/or hairstylists to work, now you know why. Enjoy the month!

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