Appreciation for Administrative Professionals

A business, much like a family is an important part of our society, it is first and foremost comprised of people who work in harmony towards a common goal, administrative professionals are in charge of making things work throughout the company, it is them who make things happen on a daily basis and the ones who carry the most pressure in any business. Showing appreciation for their hard work is not only adequate but a good way to let them know their work is highly appreciated and that they are a vital part of your business.

Studies have shown that people who do not feel comfortable with a certain employer will end up leaving the job within the first week or within a month (if late). The number one reason for employees to quit is related to the way management treats workers (administrative professionals included), the lack of human touch is ultimately what causes the downfall of businesses which is why people admit that when they quit a job they are not quitting the job itself, they are quitting their boss!

If you think about it, this simple (yet important) human interaction is necessary to keep your employees happy and working hard towards the success of the business; if you take this in consideration you will soon realize that you can make your business more efficient if you show your administrative professionals that you care for them; a simple thank you and a smile is all it takes to make people feel good at their place of work.

Every year during the week of April 20-26 administrative professionals are honored for their hard work and contribution to the place of business they operate at; this week is the best time to show appreciation for those who have helped your company grow, remember that no business can operate efficiently without a dedicated team of professionals working in harmony.

There are several ways you can show your appreciation towards your administrative employees, you can organize a dinner, send cards or send them gift baskets, this last option is usually the best, gift baskets are used worldwide because it is an elegant way to show your appreciation and is also cost effective; there are several other gift ideas you can use, however the most important thing is to remember this date and honor it accordingly. provides excellent administrative professional gift ideas as well as beautifully designed gift baskets and cookie bouquets, visit us today!

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