Appointment as a coach

Appointment as a coach Decisions of the Commissioner of Education, 14,504 Rita Magee was employed by the Coxsackie-Athens Central School District as a certified physical education teacher. Magee applied for a vacant field hockey coaching position in the district. The district selected another individual, Donald Daoust, for the position. Contending that Daoust "has neither a New York State teaching certificate nor a temporary coaching license," Magee filed an appeal challenging the district's action with the Commissioner of Education. Although the Commissioner dismissed Magee's appeal as moot — the field hockey season had ended before he had an opportunity to consider the matter — he commented that: 1. A school district may employ an uncertified individual as a coach only when a certified physical education teacher or certified teacher with coaching qualifications and experience is unavailable; and 2. An uncertified individual may not undertake his or her coaching responsibilities until he or she has actually received a temporary license. The decision specifically noted that "[t]he mere application for that license by the district does not qualify the prospective coach for his or her duties."

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