Ames-Levine List: Articulate Rage

It's hard to do rage well. Rage, by its nature, is generally unfocused. Blind rage may be redundant, since rarely does rage allow us to see clearly. Mark Ames and Yasha Levine both do rage very well, and produce a Drudge-like aggregation service called the Ames-Levine List. Check it out. Incidentally, Ames and Levine hate the Tea Party. That's because they do not recognize the underlying rage the Tea Party symbolizes. The Tea Party is a party of rage. It stands for nothing. There is no platform. And yet I support the Tea Party, because rage can become something beautiful. Rage gave Czar Nicholas and Marie Antoinette what they deserved, and rage may give Wall Street what it deserves. Rage is America's only hope for reform.

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