American Conference Institute's Biotech Patents Conference

What: American Conference Institute's Biotech Patents Conference: Practical Strategies for Prosecuting and Litigating Biotech Patents in a Rapidly Shifting Legal Environment. The biotech industry faces massive, imminent, change with patent reform nearing passage, impending promulgation of biosimilar pathway regulations from the FDA, the continued evolution of case law from the Federal Circuit and an unusually active Supreme Court. Cases like Therasense, Centocor, McKesson, and Myriad are changing long-standing precedents in inequitable conduct, written description requirements, joint infringement, and the patentability of DNA sequences, and have the potential to signifi cantly alter the biotech patent landscape. Additionally, the FDA's issuance of biosimilar regulation draws closer. Topics to be discussed include: Analyzing the potential ramifications of patent reform legislation and the promulgation of biosimilar regulations by the FDA Investigating the implications of recent court opinions on the written description requirement, inequitable conduct, joint infringement claims, subject matter patentability, and more Formulating strategies for international patent filing in the EU and developing countries When: Wednesday, November 30 to Thursday, December 01, 2011 Where: Omni Parker House, Boston, MA Who: ACI's 13th Advanced Forum on Biotech Patents brings together another top-notch faculty of expert biotech patent counsel who will share their experience and knowledge to provide you with strategies to navigate this period of intense uncertainty. Do not miss this opportunity to hear our high quality faculty of senior biotech practitioners share their thoughts and advice on strategic patent filing and effective defense of intellectual property rights. ACI is also offering informative and hands-on workshops: A pre-conference Interactive Working Group Session: Integrating Changes at the PTO into Biotech Patent Practices. A Master Class on Successful and Practical Strategies for Patenting Antibodies will utilize an expert faculty to assist you in protecting and promoting products that are central to the biotech industry. How: Be sure to reserve your spot today. Register now by calling 888.224.2480; by faxing your registration form to 877.927.1563; or register online at is a Media Sponsor of this event. Readers of Patent Baristas are entitled to $200 off the current conference price tier. The discount code you will need for this is: PB 200. Related posts: American Conference Institute's Paragraph IV Disputes Conference American Conference Institute's Paragraph IV Disputes Conference Upcoming Conference on Biotech Patents

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