Amendment to Title 22 NYCRR codifying the practice that a witness may have counsel present during a Commission hearing

State Commission on Judicial ConductPROPOSED RULE MAKING – NO HEARING(S) SCHEDULEDCounsel for Witnesses at Hearings Source: New York State Register, item I.D. No. JDC-08-19-00006-PPURSUANT TO THE PROVISIONS OF THEState Administrative Procedure Act,NOTICE is hereby given of the following proposed rule:Proposed Action: Addition of §7000.6(i)(3) to Title 22 NYCRR. Statutory authority: Judiciary Law, §42(5)Subject: Counsel for witnesses at hearings.Purpose: To codify the practice that a witness may have legal counsel present during a commission hearing. Text of proposed rule: A new paragraph of subdivision (i) of §7000.6 is added to read as follows: (3) At a hearing, counsel for a witness may be present while his or her client is testifying and may request permission of the referee to consult with the client, but may not object to questions, examine or cross-examine witnesses or otherwise participate in the proceedings.Text of proposed rule and…

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