Aloisi & Gramano on Platform Work and Collective Bargaining

Antonio Aloisi and Elena Gramano (European University Institute – Department of Law (LAW) and Goethe University, Frankfurt) have posted Workers Without Workplaces and Unions Without Unity: Non-Standard Forms of Employment, Platform Work and Collective Bargaining (Forthcoming in Bulletin of Comparative Labour Relations) on SSRN.  Here is the abstract: Non-standard forms of employment (NSFE) are on the rise in different sectors and various countries all over the world. Concomitantly, technological and organizational change represents a major challenge for collective bargaining systems, given that they are often still predicated on the concept of a standard employment relationship. Meanwhile, some innovative and spontaneous solutions are emerging. In order for collective bargaining, unions, and business associations to continue to be impactful in the “new world of work”, it may be necessary to adapt the way they currently operate. There may also be a need to…

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