All in a Day's Work

Do you know what Librarians do all day?  Heck, do most Librarians know what they're going to do day by day?  Like most days, I plan to do a whole bunch of things and then actually only get to a couple things.  Like today.  I was going to write a few letters, call a few people, finish up a report, get ready for a presentation – and then the tow truck guy showed up.See, our Library owns the lot next to our law library and it is a private lot for which we sell monthly and daily parking passes.  Each parking spot can be rented for $60 per month (or $8 per day).  That sounds like a lot but in downtown Riverside (where we are located), but that's pretty competitive.  Anyway, if you happen to park in our lot and you don't have a permit hanging on your rear-view mirror (or a daily parking pass on your dash), you can, and will, be towed and I'm probably the guy that's going to have to effectuate that tow.  I really…

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