Alabama Divorce a Challenge for Single Mothers

A new study shows that single moms entering midlife may experienced significantly more health issues, The Houston Chronicle reports. Our Birmingham Divorce Lawyers have seen how difficult it can be on parents going through a divorce. That's why we aim to do as much as we can to decrease the psychological impact and reduce the emotion that comes from divorce proceedings. An Alabama divorce can cause depression and other psychological problems and it is our goal to provide the support needed to get through this difficult time. The study, which appears in the June issue of the American Sociological Review, found that woman who have their first child outside of marriage described their health as poorer at age 40 than did other moms. About 40 percent of all births in the United States occur out of wedlock, compared to less than 10 percent in 1960. The study suggests that there will soon be a population of single mothers who suffer from middle-aged health problems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were nearly 1.8 million children born to unmarried women in 2008. The study suggests that Hispanic woman tend to have less negative health consequences at age 40 than white and black women. The study noted that it may be because many Hispanic women live in cohabiting relationships that resemble marriage. They may also be part of large families that provide support. The Chronicle article also mentions a study regarding the impact a divorce can have on the children, which was recently reported in the Alabama Divorce & Family Law Attorney Blog. That study found that children in divorces have lower math scores and suffer from interpersonal skill deficiencies compared to their peers. There's no doubt that divorce can have a profound impact on not only the parents, but also the children. Whether a single mom, single dad or a couple with many children, divorce can be tough. That's why with a background in religion and family dynamics, this law firm is equipped to help the family adapt to this radical change in lifestyle. A child school psychologist is available to help children adapt to the big changes in their lives. Birmingham Divorce Lawyers aim to work collaboratively with the other spouse so that the best resolution with the least amount of turmoil is possible. This can often be achieved through divorce mediation or collaborative divorce proceedings. In both of these scenarios, the former couple works together to resolve the divorce rather than require divorce litigation in contested divorces. Collaborative divorces are now commonplace, but have traditionally been chosen by couples with children because it doesn't require court intervention, hearings, judges' orders and time wasted waiting at a courthouse. If you need to speak with a divorce involving children lawyer in Birmingham, contact Eversole Law at 205-981-2450 for a free consultation.

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