Airline Travel Guidelines to Costa Rica

You can find numerous methods to obtain to Costa Rica and you would like to understand a few things before you start out. First points first, you’ll need to acquire your passport in order. This sounds rudimentary and not worth mentioning but you should be astonished how quite a few people that I know personally which have planned and paid for their journey to Costa Rica and show up at the airport without a passport. Airline travel to Costa Rica and most other foreign countries by U.S. residents demands that the traveler hold a valid passport. You’ll be able to get a passport at any U.S. Post Office in about 3 to six weeks. If you will need it quicker you’ll find agencies that you are able to go to that may process it in as small as two days, but it’s going to cost considerably a lot more.When contemplating airline travel to Costa Rica, it’s going to depend upon what airport you’re leaving from. Delta flies probably the most planes there but you’ll need to fly towards Atlanta air port and I personally dislike this spot. It truly is so large you’ve to consider a small subway train from a person terminal for the other. It’s noisy and unless you could have a pass for the Admiralty Club, you’ll find your self waiting quite a few hours on hard plastic chairs surrounded by screaming infants and self crucial yahoos attempting to impress you by talking as loud as they could into their cell phones about giant business deals they’re supposedly putting together. So in the event you live for the West Coast, you may well want to consider Continental Airlines. They also do not travel direct to Costa Rica, but their pit stop is at Houston International Airport, which isn’t only closer (3 several hours from the West Coast as opposed to six and also a half hours to Atlanta) but also, in my opinion, a lot much more comfy and far less crowded and noisy.Also, yet another requirement of airline travel to a foreign country is that after the flight back house you will likely be subjected to possessing to pass by means of U.S. Customs. In Atlanta chances are you might find yourself in a gigantic line of tourists and citizens and ought to wait for above an hour just to get cleared (hopefully) and sent by way of to baggage. There you might ought to pick up your bags after which it redirect them to your final destination. You can also undergo one more rigor of modern airline travel which may be the Security line and once again, at Atlanta, this is huge and snakes around for what appears to be several city blocks. As soon as once again, Houston is significantly easier in regards to these two factors and you will be glad you chose Continental. Whilst airline travel to Costa Rica could be rigorous and even downright tedious for some, these points can support you to make your flight far more enjoyable.

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