Airbnb Traffic Accidents in Hollywood and Florida

Short-term rentals have become more popular in places such as Hollywood, Miami, and other parts of Southern Florida. Short-term rentals are one way for homeowners to make money, but having guests in a home can also lead to injuries. In addition, some homeowners associations and neighbors are unhappy about residences being turned into part-time (or, in some cases, full-time) hotels. One of the risks with short-term rentals has to do with the potential of car accidents. There are many reasons why short-term rentals can increase the risk of car collisions in some Hollywood and South Florida communities: They can increase the amount of traffic in an area, increasing the risk of a crash. They introduce tourists who are not familiar with an area into a neighborhood. Visitors may not know about blind turns or may not notice one-way streets, for example. Increased traffic can happen in residential areas where street design does not take large numbers of visitors into consideration…

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