AIPPI Event Report: Are you sitting comfortably? A soft IP storybook on the Byzantine World of Trade Marks with Benet Brandreth

Benet weaves together the tales from the soft IP story book…Author, actor, QC, raconteur, bon vivant, historian of Venice – there are few things to which Benet Brandreth QC (11 South Square) has not turned his hand. On Wednesday night, while the AmeriKat was attempting to catch mice, AIPPI members and guests (including a “wisdom of judges”) were entertained and educated last night on the law of unintended consequences in the realm of trade marks. Andrea Leonelli (Allen & Overy) was to hand to report on the proceedings.  Over to Andrea: "Benet Brandreth QC kicked off by asking how often is it in the law that we set out to solve one problem only to find that in doing so we have created a whole raft of our own making. This happens a lot in IP law and especially in trade mark law which was recently described by Mr Justice Henry Carr as being of Byzantine complexity. Benet commented that trade mark law is an area that rewards…

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