Admiralty Arch, The Elegant Ceremonial Passage

This quintuple arched Admiralty Arch is one of London’s most famous iconic landmarks. The arch was commissioned by King Edward VII in reminiscence of his mother, which is denoted by the Latin inscription on the underside of the arch. The Mall was also widened during this period, however the king did not live till the day that the building was completed. Admiralty Arch works as the barrier between the crowded Trafalgar Square and the area around the Buckingham Palace.

The large central gates of the arch are open only for royal possessions while the pedestrians can pass through the smaller outer arches. The highlight of the arch is the “nose” which is the smaller protrusion that takes the shape of a nose. However the reason for the existence of the nose inside the arch is still unknown. However, it is said that the nose exists to pay tribute to the Duke of Wellington who was regarded as having a large nose. It stands at a height of seven feet allowing royal soldiers to rub it for good luck as they ride through the arch.

This Grade 1 listed building in London has 5 arches which include 3 large central arches and two smaller ones in the outside. The arch is regarded as the largest processional arch between the Buckingham Palace and St. Paul’s Cathedral. Visitors of Admiralty Arch will also find a statue of Captain James Cook in the outside area. Originally the arch was used for offices and residences of the leaders of the royal navy. However in the recent past it is being used to house some of the British government offices.

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