Administrative Professional’s Day: Appreciation for the Unappreciated

‘Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.’ – Kahlil Gibran

Work is the choice available in the modern world to take Man forward. You have to work if you want to carve out a life for yourself and for those you want to share that life with. That may have resulted in a chaos of cutting-edge competition, but it has also enabled more people to put bread on their tables after an honest day’s work. Work, therefore, is an integral part of out lives. With no escape route, we try to adapt ourselves as smugly as possible to enjoy the process. That has given rise to a number of ‘unofficial’ celebration days like the Administrative Professional Day.

Before we go on to the aspects of Administrative Professional Day, it would be proper that we clarify what one means by ‘Administrative Professional’. Professionals engaged in the administrative department of the company, like secretaries and assistants are termed ‘Administrative Professionals’. They are the unsung heroes of the organization who work behind the screens tirelessly. They polish the acts of dapper, confident executives and trim their generally over-bearing schedules. They also act as an interface between the people on either side of the corporate table.

Administrative Professional Day started off as National Secretaries Week in 1952. After some modifications over the years, the modern term came into existence in 2000. The longer version spans for a week and is termed Administrative Professional Week. On Administrative Professional Day, the irreplaceable work put in by the administrative support staff is appreciated and rewarded. The celebrations include office parties, social get-togethers and other corporate events which make the Administrative Professionals feel special and wanted.

On a personal level, Administrative Professional Day means gifting your secretary. It can be anything ranging from flowers, candies, token gifts or off-time. It is fast catching up as one of the most happening secular events. Bosses need to turn an appreciative eye toward their secretaries on this day at least, if not throughout the calendar! A nod of approval goes a long way in cementing ties which requires interaction on a daily basis. Personal touches are very important even in professional areas. If you want your support staff to walk the extra mile for your company, you have reach out that extra yard to make them feel a sense of belonging to the company. Your administrative support staff should not feel that they or their services are redundant to the company. And that is not only for Administrative Professional Day. If you treat your support staff well, the main entity benefiting would be your company.

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