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UK Car Accident Compensation Cases Increase

Insurance analysts have recently revealed that there’s been a sharp rise in the number of people claiming for car accident compensation in the UK over the past 12 months, despite a drop in the number of accidents happening in the country. The annual report, which was published by the Actuarial Profession has revealed that, in spite of a decrease of around 11 per cent in the number of car accidents in the UK in 2011, car accident compensation claims have risen by some 18 per cent. It is estimated by the Actuarial Profession that these extra car accident compensation cases cost the insurance industry an additional £400 million per year, a figure which is being partially blamed for the increase in motor insurance premiums since the economic downturn kicked it. The government is currently formulating ideas in order to limit the amount of money which a personal injury claims firm can make from no win no fee cases. The Law Society of the UK has had to step in to ensure that the government does not make any brash decisions and put car accident compensation solicitors out of business... To continue reading this legal news please click Read full information...

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NHS Reports Medical Negligence Compensation Skyrockets

Recent reports have shown that the NHS accounts for medical negligence compensation have sky-rocketed over the last year. The medical negligence bill has hit a new high of £1 billion in litigation claims for a 12-month period. Recently published figures reveal that claims launched against the NHS by its patients, or family members thereof, have led to the health service forking out a total of £1.2 billion in medical negligence compensation between 2011 and 2012. This colossal figure represents a significant increase in medical negligence payouts from the previous year which stands at around £863 million... To continue reading this legal news please click Read full information...

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The Assosiation of Personal Injury Lawyers Voice Concerns over PI Reform

The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has urged the UK government not to rush into the radical changes which are due to be implemented in the UK personal injury compensation claims system. The changes will particularly affect the road traffic accident (RTA) portal system. Over the past two months, the government had initiated a call for evidence in order to evaluate how much money was being made by personal injury practitioners so it could make the changes accordingly. Accurate data collection was something which both the Law Society and the APIL volunteered with in order to put together a case demonstrating the costs and complexities of carrying out car accident compensation claims and other types of personal injury cases... To continue reading this legal news please click Read full information...

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Changes Introduced to UK Family Law

The Queen has announced that changes will be made to legislation surrounding family law. An entirely new Children and Families Bill was announced during the Queen’s Speech at the state opening of Parliament. The new bill will see implemented changes including the allowance of parental leave to be shared between parents, making the interracial adoption legal process easier, providing greater choices of schools for pupils with special educational needs and also improving access for fathers to their children in the instance of divorce... To continue reading this legal news please click Read full information...

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Violation of Intellectual Property Rights

When you’ve successfully fashioned something creative, be it a manuscript , a song or a painting, you’re entitled to file a copyright for your material. A copyright is a legal term which assigns exclusive rights to the maker of the original content. If you’ve filed a copyright, you can reproduce your own work, be credited for its use, exhibit the work in public and sue anyone using your work without authorization. Copyrights are no different from patents or trademarks — they’re a means of making known that a creation is already someone’s intellectual property.
When a third party copies, sells or assume ownership of someone else’s copyrighted work, then a case of copyright infringement may be filed. The copy doesn’t have to be identical to the source material — copyright infringement can still be in effect even for copies with some deviations from the original. Here’s an example: what if a newly created song has some similarities with a copyrighted piece of music? Copyright infringement would then be adjudicated by how significant the similarities are and to what level the two songs can be confused for one another. Likewise, if snippets of an existing song are clearly used in a new one, such as when record makers compose songs out of samples from other compositions, there may be a question of copyright violation if the written and notarized permissions are not secured for permitted use of the music samples. | In a similar thought, artists who sample existing music can be held accountable for copyright infringement if they don’t get the proper certifications to use the original musical piece. | There are occasions too when artists sample another artist’s melody; when this takes place, go-ahead from the proprietor is necessary in order to be safe from a copyright infringement suit.
Holding a copyright means that you get to have a collection of special privileges in regards to the original work in question. Letting others use your rights for a fee is permissible for copyright holders If there exists express consent from the creator of the original work, usage of the work by the authorized party is not an occurrence of copyright infringement.
If you own the copyright to a material, you can reproduce the work in any form you wish, for your own use or for profit. The owner also has the right to distribute the copyrighted work in whatever manner .. To continue reading this legal news please click Read full information...

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