Adjustment of Status Approval at Removal Proceedings for Gabonese Client in Cleveland Ohio

CASE: Adjustment of Status at Removal ProceedingCLIENT: GaboneseLOCATION: Cleveland, OH Our client came to the United States in July 2011 with a B-2 visitor’s visa from Gabon.  Later, she filed for asylum and her asylum application was denied by the immigration judge in Cleveland. She filed a BIA appeal and the BIA remanded her case in 2016.  She married a U.S. Citizen in October 2017. Our client’s husband filed an I-130 petition on behalf of our client, and this I-130 petition was approved by the USCIS Cincinnati Field Office in August 2018. However, she also applied for adjustment of status and this was administratively closed due to removal proceedings.  Our client contacted our office to seek legal representation. Our client retained us on November 16, 2018. Thereafter, our office prepared and filed the I-485 Adjustment of Status Application and other supporting documents to the Cleveland Immigration Court at her Master Calendar hearing on…

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