Actual Cruise Ship Injury Claims, January 2018

At our law firm, we work with passengers and crew who are are seeking compensation for injuries they suffered while traveling or working on cruise ships. Each day, we receive phone calls, emails and referrals from other personal injury lawyers. Each inquiry highlights some sort of accident, incident or form of negligence that can be directly attributed to an injury — a broken leg, a mistreated patient in the ship’s doctor’s office or sexual assault for example. Not every inquiry results in a lawsuit against a cruise line. Some accidents are simply ‘just accidents’ and there really is not claim to be made or compensation to be pursued. Yet, many inquiries do showcase the negligence or the ineptitude of the cruise lines, their policies, mismanagement or oversight. In these cases, there are grounds for moving forward with a lawsuit to seek a financial result — one that would help our injured client with mounting medical bills, missed…

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