Abandon Hope All Ye Who Walk Down This Hall….What happened to the statute of Napoleon Bonaparte Broward?Rumpole's Broward adventure included watching a Judge take delight in discharging a PD after a defendant, who obviously was scared and confused, complain. Then the Judge asked him if he was getting a lawyer? Then the Judge told him to be ready for trial in two months whether he got a lawyer or not. Hmmmmm…. not really a Faretta hearing, but then it's Broweird. Meanwhile in The REGJB, look at the directory in the lobby. Lots of new Judges…but our new administrative Judge Charlie Johnson is NOWHERE to be found. No worries….he's on 4 in Judge De La O's courtroom and chambers, but you wouldn't know it by looking at the directory. From Occupied America, where Napoleon Bonaparte Broward has gone missing, Fight The Power. Site Feed

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