A Red (& White) Letter Day for Branding

We've noticed and commented on a variety of branding techniques and trends over the past couple of years: Less formal brand names; Single letter brands; Non-verbal logos; Verbing of brands; Dan saw lots of blue ovals; Question mark brands; Touchmarks; Emoticon brands and trademarks; Single color brands; Lightning bolt branding; My branding; and Back to the basics branding. Here's another, on this self-appointed red-letter day: "Red & White Letters Forming a Two Word Brand — Often on a Black Background." The first time I noticed this form of visual identity being repeated was when SmashBurger rolled into Minneapolis. I specifically recall pursuing a double-take as I drove by, having great interest in the close similarity to the GameStop visual identity: During this particular period of time I was spending a lot of time patronizing both brands with my boys, which got me wondering whether there must be some marketing science in support of using this red/white lettering visual identity for a specific demographic — boys between the ages 10-16. Then, I really thought I must be on to something when SportClips came to town, a new haircut spot geared toward essentially the same demographic: But, as I started paying a bit more attention, I realized there may very well be marketing science behind this popular look and feel, but it most certainly isn't tied to the demographic I had thought: Is it possible all these were inspired by the distinctive Verizon Wireless visual identity? What brands have I missed using a similar red/white lettering form of visual identity? UPDATE: Hat tip to Chris in Michigan on the Coke Zero visual identity:

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