A Country Known As Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is a country found on the eastern half island of New Guinea. It’s located on the southwestern Pacific Ocean, in a region known as Melanesia. The capital is called Port Moresby. The country is the most diverse in the world and has more than 850 indigenous languages. It so many traditional societies and the population is around 7 million. It also the most rural and only about 18% of people live in urban centres. The country is the world’s fifth largest.Papua New Guinea is the world’s least explored both culturally and geographically. There are numerous undiscovered species of plants and animals. Majority of the communities rely on subsistence farming and perhaps the reason many live in rural areas. Agriculture supports over 85% of the population. Notable crops include cocoa, oil palm and tea. Other fields that have supported the economy are mineral deposits like oil, gold and copper. It has dense rainforests and very beautiful coastal islands. There are wetlands in areas surrounding Sepik and Fly rivers. Papua New Guinea is part of what is called Australasia ecozone and includes New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Indonesia and Vanuatu. All this regions have very beautiful coral reefs and cool beaches to savor. The country has many bird species that are similar to the ones in the above regions. The most notable feature is the existence of several species like Kangaroos and possums. The area, just like New Zealand has a lot of flightless birds. There also various islands around like Admiralty Islands and Trobriand Islands.

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