A blog hosting service for sources

Technologist and the founder of blogging, Dave Winer, blogged this week that if he were the CEO of The New York Times he would start a blog hosting service, with Times branding. People would know, per Winer, that this is blog space, not editorial space. Blogs would be sources, from which the Times editorial people would be encouraged to quote. Winer would also recruit people whose ideas were valuable enough to be otherwise quoted in the Times to begin to blog – or at least offer them a blog. There would be a central place for the aggregation of all the blog posts with the ability to subscribe to individual blogs, all under reader control.  Winer’s description of a New York Times blog hosting service sounds a lot like LexBlog and where we are going. We have the service – more expansive than hosting alone. Had it for 15 years. The last year plus we begin to aggregate and curate the blog posts coming from now over 20,000 legal…

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