90% Off Groceries at Amazon? Ho, Ho, No!

[Note: the next Mouse Print* posting will be January 3.] MrConsumer recently came across a website that helps people find deeply discounted items on Amazon. What a great idea. When checking what items in Amazon's grocery department were supposedly 90% off, Mouse Print* found some startling savings claims. They claim savings of 93%, yet they are still charging over $1.50 for each regular size pack of gum. How is that possible? *MOUSE PRINT: Amazon claims the list price for those 12 packs of gum is a whopping $284.52 – that's $23.71 for a single package! Was this gum previously chewed by Elvis, thus accounting for its premium price? The full price for one pack of Trident Layers is $1.49 (at Kmart), so 12 packs should be about $17.88 full price, not almost $285. Clearly something is not right here. Is this an isolated incident? Unfortunately no. Item after item listed in the 90% off section had grossly exaggerated list prices that bear no relation to real world regular prices. Twelve packages of gummy bears marked right on the package "2 for $1″ list for $6, not $95 as Amazon claims. A two pound can of Folgers coffee is not $146 anywhere, just over a pound of Pringles doesn't list for the $159 the site claimed, and less than three pounds of Twizzlers doesn't have a value of over $271. How could Amazon put such exaggerated list prices on its site in order to claim savings of over 90%? We asked Amazon's PR department to comment, but no response was received. Miraculously, however, two weeks after contacting them, the exaggerated regular prices of most of these and other groceries disappeared. Of course, this doesn't explain why Amazon's 90% off page for groceries still shows more than 300 items most of which are not actually 90% off. ============ If you find examples of hard goods, such as electronics, cameras, or appliances with a stated list price on Amazon that is higher than the actual suggested list price, please send those examples to Mouse Print* ( edgar [at symbol] mouseprint.org ). Thanks.

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