8 Ways to Make Calling Witnesses More Dramatic

As a trial attorney, never forget your role as director of the courtroom play. Consider these staging decisions when it comes to calling witnesses. Early in the trial, call a witness who can authenticate an important exhibit. The exhibit could be a chart, map, diagram, photograph, or other visual aid. Leave the exhibit visible during the rest of the trial and use it with each witness. Early in the trial, call any witness you want present to observe the rest of the trial. This applies, for example, to a family member, or a knowledgeable participant, if the witness would otherwise be excluded before testifying. Intersperse boring witnesses with interesting ones. Keep the jury alert and interested by mixing it up. Choose when to have your stipulations and judicial notice orders read into the record. Choose a time that logically makes sense and minimizes boredom. Stipulations may be written agreements filed with the clerk or oral recitations read into the record. See CCP…

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