5 Marketing Hacks for Ambitious Attorneys

5 Marketing Hacks for Ambitious Attorneys

Having a good skill set and reputation is essential when it comes to obtaining clients for lawyers, but law firm business can be improved with an online presence and excellent marketing. Having all the tools when it comes to online marketing is important when being used to reach potential clients, and this can be a daunting task.


Online marketing is something most lawyers acknowledge, but there’s a lot to consider, and you may not know exactly where to start. Whether you are an injury lawyer, immigration lawyer, or even a criminal lawyer, online marketing can help you build your business to its greatest potential. Strong marketing can set you and your law firm apart from the rest of the competition and give you a boost in attracting new clients.


  1. Invest in SEO

When it comes to online marketing, having a relevant website and creating useful content are the most relevant principles to follow. SEO, search engine optimization, will ensure your online content has the appropriate keywords needed that potential clients are putting into search engines. SEO will also improve your results by placing you higher in search engine rankings which makes you more widely available and targets more online traffic towards you.


When it comes to online marketing, the higher your law firm ranks in search engines, the more established you will be in your specific market. You also have the option of hiring an SEO specialist to help you if you don’t have the time to learn the technical aspects required to get the job done.


  1. Have a Social Media Presence


Having a social media presence automatically makes you more available for potential clients and the possible questions and referrals that may come with. Social media is an excellent way for you to stay more connected to your current and future clients and determine how they feel about your services.


Law is a technical field and can be seen as very difficult for most to understand, so online chats and information posted on social media will emphasize your authority, which in turn can build trust.


  1. Provide Reviews on Your Website

In the past, people would always ask friends or family members for advice before obtaining law services, but today we look to online reviews to persuade our decisions. Anonymous reviews online have as much reliability as input from people we trust in our real lives, so obtaining positive reviews is of utmost importance.


Featuring the most positive reviews on your website is best to start with and publishing the reviews that address topics relevant to potential clients. Many law firm websites claim that the reviews are some of the main reasons that clients make the final decision to use their services.


  1. Build a Quality Website with Relative Content


Search engines have made it very clear that high-quality content on websites is what they are looking for and are given high rankings on search pages. Creating quality content for your website can be done through consistent blog articles and videos that are used to grab customers attention.


Potential clients look for information related to their legal issues before even considering settling down with an attorney. Anticipating questions they may have and providing answers for them can be very beneficial in locking down possible future clients quickly.


  1. Create Educational Content

Creating short online videos for your website and social media that answer questions you frequently get is an excellent opportunity to address common issues all at once. Providing educational content for your customers gives them the information they can genuinely use, and this helps show people that they can trust you.


If clients happen to find your content helpful, they may even share it with others, and this will have a significant impact on how others regard your law firm.

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