5 Facts About South Carolina Alimony

Both the supported spouse (the spouse who may receive alimony) and the payor spouse typically have a lot of questions and concerns about alimony. This post discusses five facts you may not know about South Carolina alimony. Alimony Can Be Temporary or Permanent Permanent or indefinite alimony awards were more common in the days when divorce was less common and marriages tended to last longer. However, permanent alimony is still permitted under South Carolina law. Even when permanent alimony is awarded, it can terminate when the supported spouse remarries or cohabitates with another individual or upon the death of either spouse. Alimony Orders Can Be Modified (Sometimes) You can seek an alimony modification if your financial situation or other circumstances change. However, some types of South Carolina alimony are non-modifiable, such as lump-sum alimony. This type of alimony is typically made in one or a few installment payments. Once it has been ordered by the court, it…

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