4th Circuit challengers seek to join travel ban case

This morning the Supreme Court released its April argument calendar, which includes oral argument in Hawaii’s challenge to the travel restrictions imposed on nationals from eight countries in President Donald Trump’s September 24, 2017, order. A few hours later, a second set of challengers asked the justices to join their case with Hawaii’s and consider yet another question in the dispute. The petition for review filed today came from the International Refugee Assistance Project, a New-York-based human rights group. The group’s request is somewhat unusual, because briefing in the Hawaii case is well underway – indeed, the federal government had already filed its opening brief two days ago. In early December 2017, the justices allowed the September 24 order to go into effect while the federal government appealed rulings by federal district judges in Hawaii and Maryland that blocked the implementation of the ban. In those December 2017…

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