366. Whats the matter with Minnesota?

How can a state that produced Scott Fitzgerald, Giants in the Earth and my father produce politicians like these? First the Congresswoman. Now the Minnesota Supreme Court candidate.

First theres Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Her remarks about Obama and other Congress members got the press. Her explanation (“I never called all liberals anti-American”) made it worse.

But I thought the weirdest thing about her Chris Mathews interview was her affect. There appears to have been a bit of a transmission delay, but even so – that smile! Imagine meeting someone at a party whose eyes and lips wore such dramatically different expressions.  And then imagine that this person says bizarrely nasty things in a second-grade teachers sing-song. Shes Jokerishly creepy.

Ive long thought that the biggest hurdle for any incumbent is not to embarrass ones constituents. Now the story is that the Republican congressional campaign is pulling its money out of Bachmanns race, apparently figuring the embarrassment shes caused has doomed her reelection effort.

As for the candidate for Supreme Court, Deborah Hedlund – you can see a YouTube video of her here, as she lounges around her living room in her robe (Ive long suspected the nuttier judges do that, but never previously seen it demonstrated) – she received an email filled with all the ugly Obama-is-a-Muslim-and-Islam-is-evil drivel that seems to be making the rounds among Governor Palins wing of the GOP.

(Heres a story about a New Mexico Republican busily doing her part for the campaign.)

So what does a sitting judge do with an email filled with that kind of brayingly ignorant bigotry and hatred? She writes, “Matt, We speak the same language. And I still need to let voters know they have a choice to Seek Justice, Vote For Experience for the Minnesota Supreme Court.”

And then she accidentally hits “reply to all”, sending it to many, many people.

Mark Cohen of Minnesota Lawyer Blog gives a kind account of the incident here, claiming to find Hedlunds explanation – by “we speak the same language” she meant to say she wanted to order yard signs from the guy who sent her the email – “plausible.”

Well, Im not so kind. I think its about as plausible as the rumor (you heard it here first!) that John McCain is a Manchurian candidate, brainwashed during his captivity to aspire for the presidency in order to fulfill the sinister will of the long-dead Ho Chi Minh. I mean, wouldnt that explain a lot? Can you prove it didnt happen like that?

Hedlund said she “disavow[ed]” the email she forwarded to the world and his wife.  But, the story continues, when asked whether she thought Obama was a  Muslim, Hedlund said: “I have no idea what he is. My level of information about the presidential candidates would not fill a thimble.”

Again, kindly Mark Cohen takes her at her word as the worlds most ignorant political candidate.

I think shes just a liar.  I think she spread the filth intentionally and she played coy with the reporter to give it maximum exposure without actually endorsing it.

Her explanation is exactly – exactly – like that of the Maine nutcase featured on CNN.  Its almost as if they and the New Mexico Republican official were following the same script.  What a coincidence!

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