255 People Sick & 12 Hospitalized due to Salmonella in San Antonio

Why are 255 people sick and 12 hospitalized, you ask? Well, there’s been another Salmonella outbreak, this time at Pasha Mediterranean Grill at the Wurzbach Road location in San Antonio, Texas, and the outbreak has become much larger than anyone originally thought. According to the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District earlier today, 184 confirmed salmonella illnesses had been reported, which is over three times the number of cases that were originally reported on September 5th. Now, that number is up to 255, and still expected to grow. Here’s all you need to know! What is Pasha? According to the restaurants website, two families came together back in 2008 with the joint dream of providing “a culinary experience fit for Pasha.” The term Pasha was once bestowed upon those who earned prestigious recognition, much similar to knighthood, and throughout the history of the Eastern Mediterranean, it has been famous for producing world renowned chefs and…

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