25 Great Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

From the E.Junkie.Info blog:

Guerrilla Marketing is the most innovative form of marketing a business, it requires imagination, humor, wit and is executed in the most unconventional way, in the oddest of places. Creativity is the essence of guerrilla marketing.

Some people call it stunt marketing, while some refer to it as stealth marketing. The idea is to target customer in the most unexpected places, with the aim of generating curiosity and in the process, leaving a lasting impression. It creates brand awareness through interactive campaigns, sometimes combined with a surprise element.

Although Guerrilla Marketing is considered apt for small business owners, since it results in maximum awareness with minimum resources. But big companies like Coke or McDonald engage in this form of marketing too, because they realize that this style of marketing creates more buzz than any conventional form of marketing ever could. Also when it comes to issuing a message with public interest, guerrilla marketing has proven to be quiet effective.

Below are 25 innovative and laudable examples of guerrilla marketing:







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